Friday, August 13, 2010

Saggy Man Boobs VS Huge Man Pecs

No, I didnt suddenly develop a breast fetish for man boobs nor man pecs. The issue came about maybe cos I had tried to intensify gym-going. Last week alone, I went 3 times. This week, I managed 3rd time today. HOPE I can have the discipline to go on Sunday despite hitting quota, cos my mouth is very very itchy during the hols. Been eating and my weight is going up again though my fittness is ironically getting better...

K back to the issue. Going to the gym packed with males, the ratio of male to female gym users are in the range of 15:1 and higher. Its hard NOT to notice certain things about the males who are pumping iron at the weights section and certain machines.

First, this is an old one. There's a lot of Chicken Legs... Yes, I've discussed this with Tab already. Basically guys want to pump iron on their biceps, chest, shoulders and pec (will come to that later) and obviously neglect their legs. Plus legs are not that easy to train up also. My collegue was telling me that guys' legs are usually more scrawny and thin naturally, so harder to train up to match their overall physique.

Now what is wrong? Imagine seeing several guys who look very nicely built on top and once u see the scrawny legs, you wonder, why they dont go work those out. That's for those with well-proportioned muscles on top. It gets worse when you come to those who are not well-proportioned on top. This means they overtrain certain parts, eg biceps. So these guys mainly only have Huge-ass biceps and shoulders such that when you see their scrawny legs, you can see that the circumference of their biceps in total is Twice the size of their calves, sometimes even their thighs... Really unflattering despite having huge muscular shoulders and biceps like the Incredible Hulk. You really wonder how do they keep from toppling over *imagine a damn wide inverted pyramid*

Next is the Man Pecs and Man Boobs. So except for those who trained and got a very nicely proportioned physique, meaning their man pecs do not over protrude, either I see very Saggy man boobs or I see Oversized pecs. Now how does that appears?

For the first case of man boobs, if you think girls who dont wear bras are bad... imagine guys who have more saggy boobs and those nipples protrude unflatteringly cos the shirt is fitting or only slightly larger... I wish I can workout without my glasses at times. And there are so many man boobs around. Older and elderly men, nothing to say, its part of growing old especially. But I keep seeing man boobs in little cubby kids, fat kids, fat adsolecent, fat adults, fat middle age... and they are all around. Worse when they start bouncing cos so much sag... Shouldnt these guys wear bras too? Geez....

In the latter case, again not discussing those whom train until very well-proportioned, there are quite a number of guys who overtrain their pecs. What happens is they have Man pecs that put my busty friend, Tab to shame. Why? Imagine a guy who has bigger and perkier breasts than my very very very well-endowed friend. Plus those breasts are rounder and also stand at 45-90 degrees relative to the ground. Talk about not having to use push-up bras. Beside the fact that guys like to appear broader with pecs, I've realized why pecs are so important on every guy's routine...

Because, when your pecs are Bloody big and protruding, such that it overshadows the stomach or even pot belly, overall, at least to them, they look better. Imagine a side-view, when compared to the potbelly, the pecs are even more protruding, then relatively the bulging stomach seems smaller in comparison. I've notice this among quite a number of guys who only seemed interested to train up their pecs, most of them dont seem to train their stomachs, so you can see the unflattering pot bellies still there. Also some of them also dont train their other muscles eg shoulders, triceps, so they look pudgy... K very unflattering. Yes imagine some guys who have huge breast sizes that puts alot of women to shame and envy.

Guess what I am trying to underline is the need to focus on all the major muscle groups, not just target one. When one only focuses on that one muscle group, what happens for guys (who are not that lean in the first place) is that relative to other muscles and the overall physique, it looks very very disproportionate. Why those who are not lean, meaning you got more meat on you, maybe not so toned looking, more obvious. Same for women I guess, they tend to focus on their thighs and butts, doing mainly if not all cardio. Again for those who are not lean in the first place, like me, who are trying to get into shape, IF I only focus on the bottom, it would still leave the other problem areas of the flabby stomach, the batwings on the underside of the arm, the general soft and saggy skin etc.

Hence at least for me, I do all parts. I do cardio for my bottom. Also do a squats machine for legs. For stomach, I do 2 machines, plus inclined sit-ups plus crunches. For arms, I do a tricep machine, and use free weights with a few exercise for bicep, tricep, shoulders. I think my fittness is at its best so far but my weight is not dropping due to EATING/PIGGING out especially during this holidays on days when I have no driving, no assignment, no classes. I just eat and sleep, eat and watch tv. I realized it and am now trying to control, sometimes hard cos 'hungry' so a measure is to Up the exercise. So either tomorrow or Sunday, If I can, I will go to the gym again.

Best part is little or no muscle aches with help of Cold muscle cream.

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